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Issue four of kb comics is looking for advertisers.

Here is a preview of issue four. The comic will be distributed for free around London UK very soon. When there are no more copies left to give away you will be able to read or download it here in its entirety.

Make sure you get your hands on a copy before they all disappear by signing up for a subscription. I only charge for postage and packing so it's dead cheap.


Front cover: Assassin Geisha by Stella

Front cover: Assassin Geisha

Illustrated by Stella from Vienna, Austria.

Website: Star Plexus

Grey days by Nik Neocleous

Grey days

Written and illustrated by Nik Neocleous from England.

Website: Planet Nik

Bego by Ononwae Batara


Written and illustrated by Ononwae Batara from Indonesia.

Website: Bajingan Comic Studio

Zero man by Joie Simmons

Zero man

Written and illustrated by Joie Simmons from USA.

Website: Art + Commentary

Rooftop by Adam Wilson and Beatus Vir


Written by Adam Wilson from USA. Illustrated by BeatusVir from Indonesia.

Website: Life in a Spash Page

Rear cover: Demon by Harley Price

Rear cover: Demon

Illustrated by Harley Price from London, England.

Website: Harley Price

Pictures don't lie by  Knut Knutsen, Dave Windett and Paul Windett

Pictures don't lie

Written by Knut Knutsen from Norway. Illustrated by Dave Windett. Lettered by Paul Windett from England.

Website: Dave Windett

Soda Ninja by Elvis Brillotto

Soda Ninja

Written and illustrated by Elvis Brillotto from Italy.

The Suicider by Rafael Wambier dos Santos

The Suicider

Written by Rafael Wambier dos Santos from Brazil. Illustrated by Kewber Arruda.

Website: Kewber

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